• SPECIAL PROCESSING WOOD CNC AND OUTSOURCING - FALEGNAMERIA FRANCESCO CARULLO - ORSOGNA ( CH ) The experience on CNC machines applied to wood and new technologies allow our customers to perform prototyping of their ideas, supporting them in the first place in the design or CAD using the innovative techniques of reverse engineering if we start from an already existing product, and subsequently providing technical support during the whole production process, and made silhouettes, molds or the workpiece itself.
    The great professionalism and commitment have enabled the company to establish itself nationally and internationally, satisfying the demands commissioned by engineers, architects and designers but also by major Italian and foreign brands.
    Believer in the value of craftsmanship, for his important contribution to innovation in the traditional craft of the carpenter, Francesco Caruso in 2013 was named Talent of Abruzzo from telecast TALENTI E TERRITORI arch. Sandro Sonsini.
    In collaboration with the Polo di innovazione Artigianato Artistico e di Pregio Art Italia the company has participated in an exhibition at Casa Abruzzo in Milan for Expo 2015.

    << The craftsman shapes impossible. >> (Episode of the documentary series 'Talenti e Territori' and starring Alessandro Sonsini, 2012)

    << Francesco Carullo, the craftsman '' digital age ''. His shop makes use of the help of special machine tools and CNC machines, which have the advantage of realizing complex jobs starting from CAD CAM technology for prototypes, unique pieces and in series, consolidating the ability to give rise to a repeatability in performances and unprecedented accuracy. >> (MU6, special issue Abruzzo Craft EXPO 2015, September 2015)

    << His works represent challenges to the possibilities offered by the technology and investment of the timber industry. >> (D'Abruzzo, Edizioni Menaḅ, Autumn 2015)

    << Francesco Carullo: the craftsman 2.0 >> (UNICAM, School of Industrial and Environmental Design, 2015)

    Orsogna, via Piana Santa Margherita 29/c. Tel. 3356377340
    francescocarullo@tiscali.it / francescocarullo2@gmail.com